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Presentations On The Web provides hosting for your website and includes several additional services for our clients free of charge. You do not need a separate website designer, a separate hosting provider, or a separate domain registration company. This can get confusing for everyone.

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Overview of Our Services, Your Password Protected Control Panel, Email Account Options, and Our Comittment fo Excellent Customer Support.
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Your Hosting Account & Free Services

Presentations On The Web provides hosting for your website and includes several additional services for our clients free of charge:

  • Free Domain name registration
  • Free Domain name renewal each year
  • Free minor text updates for your site
  • Free Search Engine submission after the completion of your site
  • Discounted price for a webpage in Alexander County Online
  • Support for all matters pertaining to your website and email accounts
  • Unlimited email accounts, forwards, auto responders
  • Control Panel to view your website statistics

Network and Datacenter

Our server is housed in Atlanta, Georgia. We strive to provide the most reliable network by utilizing the best equipment consisting of Cisco with gigabit connections to providers such as Savvis, Telia, PCCW-BTN, Global Crossing, and Sprint.

Our network utilizes the Avaya Route Science route optimizer to ensure the highest performance routing to our server versus normal BGP. While normal BGP simply looks at how many hops from internet user to our server, the route science system traces back to the internet user up to 7,000 times a minute identifying any problematic areas such as speed, packetloss, amount of hops than re-routing the connection to ensure the fastest possible route to our server.

Server Specifications

Enterprise class servers are running the latest Intel Xeon CPU's. Our network consists of Gigabit connections to Global Crossing, PCCWBTN, Savvis, Telia, and Sprint. Minimum server specs include:

  • Dual/Quad-Core Dual Xeon CPU's
  • Registered ECC Memory/Ram
  • High performance 8x Raid 10
  • Hot-Swap Drives, Fans, and PSU

As a client of Presentations On The Web, you will have your own password protected Control Panel which gives you access to all the features of your hosting package.

The two main items that you will be interested in on your Control Panel will be reviewing your website statistics and checking your email accounts. The other features pertain to the pages within your website and we will assist in setting up any of these optional features.

Your website statistics prove very helpful in determining the pages within your site that your visitors are clicking on in addition to other statistics. These statistics can be of help in making plans for future updates and changes for your website and provide insight into your website visitors interests in regards to your site.

  • Daily Statistics by month, day & hour
  • Page visitors entered and exited your site
  • Hits (number of times clicked) on each page of your site
  • Number of page views, visits, hits, bandwidth
  • Visits duration
  • Links from other websites to your site
  • Latest Visitors

Along with your hosting package, you receive virtually an unlimited number of email accounts for your use. This allows for each staff member to have their own email account. Your email account addresses will match your domain name. For example:

  • yourname@yourdomain.com
  • info@yourdomain.com
  • sales@yourdomain.com

You have several features available with your email accounts:

  • Multiple Accounts
  • Auto responders
  • Forwarders
  • Spam Filters
  • Spam Assassin

You may access your webmail account in two ways:

  • Directly from your control panel or webmail login.
  • Or by downloading your webmail into any email client/software such as Outlook, Windows Live Mail, etc.

We will assist you in setting up your email account on your computer/mobile device if you need help, and usually we can just walk you through the setup by phone.

Multiple Email Accounts:
If you would like to separate the email that comes from your website into categories such as: sales, info and personal; but would like the convenience of checking only one email account, we can direct multiple accounts into one main account.

By the same token, your email account that is linked to your website can be forwarded to an email account that you use now.

We are pleased to provide complete support for the setup, additions and changes that you need for your email accounts at no charge.


Excellent Customer Support:
Our business is built on excellent customer support! We are here to answer your questions, and when you phone, we personally answer your call!

Our main area of customer support includes making changes and updating information on our client's websites. We respond to your emails promptly to let you know that we have received the information that you would like for us to update on your website. Most updates are completed the day that they are received. More complex updates are completed in just few days.

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