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As a client of Presentations On The Web, you will have your own password protected Control Panel which gives you access to all the features of your hosting package.

The two main items that you will be interested in on your Control Panel will be your web site statistics and checking your email accounts. The other features pertain to the pages within your web site and I will assist in setting up any of these optional features.

Your web site statistics prove very helpful in determining the pages within you site that your visitors are clicking on in addition to other statistics:

  • Daily Statistics by month, day & hour
  • Page visitors entered and exited your site
  • Hits (number of times clicked) on each page of your site
  • Number of page views, visits, hits, bandwidth
  • Visits duration
  • Links from other web sites to your site
  • Latest Visitors

These statistics can be of help in making plans for future updates and changes for your web site and provide insight into your web site visitors interests in regards to your site.

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