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Gathering the materials to use in the design of your web site can be an overwhelming task. I will assist you as much as possible in providing ideas for content.

You are an expert in your field:
Your web site is the place to provide quality content for your visitors. The expertise that you have gained in your business needs to come through in your pages. This builds credibility and trust with your visitor. As you prepare the content for your web site, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Anticipate the questions and concerns that your visitors may have about your product or service and provide the answers to these on your web site.
  • The information that you provide for the content of your site will be illustrated by photos and graphics that relate to your specific business.
  • Provide some information about yourself and your business so your visitors know that they are dealing with a real person not an impersonal web site.
  • Organize your content by topics that are related to the Page Titles that we have established.

Content can be gathered from:
Some of the content for your web site can be gathered from materials that you have already put together.

  • Your Company Brochure
  • Mission Statement
  • Articles about your business
  • Ads, promotions, flyers

Your web site will be custom designed for your business or organization.
Each web site we design is unique and original and not made from a predesigned template. Read more>>

As you are gathering the content for your web site, I will be glad to be of assistance. Feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have.


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