1st Step

I would be pleased to meet with you to discuss plans for your new website or website redesign.

During our meeting, I will be glad to answer your questions and discuss your ideas and needs for your site and provide a written proposal and price quote for your project.

With just one call, your website can be underway!
In just a matter of days, you can have your own domain with a web page announcing your new website. We take care of every detail including registering your domain name, setting up the hosting for your site and setting up your email accounts.

Choosing your domain name:
Among the items that we will discuss will be choosing your domain name. There are several factors to keep in mind as you consider your options and I offer these ideas as we make your list of possible domain names:

  • Use the ".com" extension. This is the most familiar and widely used extension for business websites. If you are a non-profit agency/organization, the ".org" is most widely recognized.
  • Choose a domain name that is easily memorable and spoken in casual conversation. Often choosing a domain name to match your existing business name is a good choice.
  • Avoid confusing abbreviations and hyphens which people find hard to remember and can easily type incorrectly into their browser.
  • Choose a name that reflects your business and speaks for itself. Your domain name should state what your site is all about.
  • You have the option of having more than one domain name. We can forward the additional domains to the one main domain name for a cost savings in hosting.

Deciding on the categories of information to include in your site:
The second point of discussion will be to make a list of the "Page Titles" or categories of information that will be included in your website. Each of these "Page Titles" will be a separate web page of information. Here are a few titles that include the information that is basic to most websites. In addition to these basic pages, we will list additional page titles that are specific to your business.

  • About Us
  • Our Services
  • Our History
  • Meet Our Staff
  • Our Products
  • Contact Us

With some good ideas on our list for your page titles and a choice for your domain name, we have an excellent start to laying out the overall navigation plan for your website.

During the time that your website is under development, it is advantageous to have a "Coming Soon" page published at your website address. Read more>>


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