1st Step

After our first meeting and consultation, should you decide to proceed, I will register your choice of domain names, setup your hosting account & email accounts and design a "Coming Soon" page to announce your new web site.

This page will be "live" and viewable within 24-48 hours of our meeting.

Advantages of your Coming Soon page:
Your "Coming Soon" page has several advantages and uses.

  • You now have an established web presence so you can begin to include your address on correspondence.
  • This page can provide your contact information, email link and a photo of your storefront/business, yourself or your logo.
  • I will promote your new site with a link from my business web site on the front page listed under "New Projects" and also from the Alexander County Online Business Directory.
  • You will have an email address that will match your domain name and will be ready for your immediate use. This adds to the professionalism of your business or organization.

View your web site as it is being developed:
Another benefit of establishing your web site with a "Coming Soon" page is to be able to view your
web site as it is being developed. As I go forward with the design of your site, I will provide a link for you to view your site as it is under development. Your first viewing will be to consider the custom design idea that I will develop for your site. After your approval, I will go forward with adding the content that you provide for your site.

As your design progresses and I begin to add your content, it helps you visualize your completed site. You may think of additional information that you would like to add. This can be done, but is is more economical to plan for all pages of information up front, since major changes in navigation and page layout are time consuming at this point in the process.

So with your "Coming Soon" page announcing your new web site and providing a point of contact for your online visitors, it is time to begin the process of gathering the information for your site.

I offer these helpful guidelines as you begin to prepare the content that will be used in your web site. Read more>>


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