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Of course, promoting and advertising your business is a long term process not a one time event. The same holds true for the success of your web site.

Take advantage of every opportunity:
There are opportunities every day to place your web site address in front of prospective clients and current clients. Each piece of paper or spoken word is an opportunity.

Even your web site address on an envelope is seen by many people before it even arrives at the intended destination. This was a surprising way that one of my clients came to contact me to design their web site.

There are many items that you use to promote your business on a regular basis. Don't miss these opportunities to make your web site work for you. Include your web site address on:

  • Letterhead, envelopes, business cards
  • Newspaper ads, trade magazine ads
  • Chamber listings, trade listings
  • Radio ads
  • Answering machine message
  • Magnetic signs

Don't miss an opportunity to let your web site work for you.

Presentations On The Web sends visitors to your site by:

  • For new web sites we feature a small screenshot of your web site on our front page and list your site under our "New Projects" listings
  • Linking from our site to your site from our Client List page and our Portfolio page.
  • Announce your new web site on the front page of Alexander County Online
  • Maintain a link to your web site from Alexander County Online business directory

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